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GuardeX high quality, comfortable, breathable face masks

Your Protection Is Our Mission.

Hi, we’re GuardeX. We’re on a mission to bring you peace of mind in public spaces. Right now, there are no regulatory requirements for consumer face masks or other personal protective products. At GuardeX we believe that protection in public is of utmost importance, which is why we created the first FDA-registered face mask in our category.

When news about COVID-19 hit the United States in February, we were ready. We worked quickly with a team of biomedical engineers, designers, and creatives to develop a safe, effective face mask for New York City’s first responders. We knew that these brave folks needed comfortable face protection that was lab-tested against viruses and bacteria.

We used our decades of experience in premium apparel manufacturing as a starting point for developing our face mask. The next step was to create a surgical-grade filter that would provide the maximum filtration efficiency possible. We tested both the mask fabric and the filter in a lab environment. The end result is a comfortable, breathable face mask with moisture-wicking fabric and a replaceable filter with 95% filtration efficiency.

Our masks were so successful with first responders that we decided to make them available to you at an affordable price. Now GuardeX serves anyone, anywhere with quality protective gear that works.

We’ve since expanded our range of personal protective products to include a powerful UV-light sanitizing pen and the first scented sanitizing lotion on the market. We invite you to check out our full line of products here.

GuardeX is woman-owned and proudly made in America

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Gear Up and Be Safe

We want everyone to feel safe in public spaces. That’s why our #1 promise is to provide you with quality personal protection products at a fair price. When you buy from GuardeX, you can be assured that every product has been through rigorous lab testing. From our patented ProteX filter to our luxurious hand sanitizing lotion, we promise to raise the standard of personal protective products so you feel safe and empowered.

No matter where your life takes you— GuardeX has your back.

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Gear Up and Live

Let’s be real— 2020 was a tough year for many of us. Now more than ever, though, we’ve learned that our health is a top priority. We believe that taking active control of our wellness is the best way to stay healthy. That’s why we provide you with quick tips and easy ways to maximize your physical and mental health, through tough times and beyond.

Check out our blog or our Instagram feed for inspiring, easy ways to take charge of your health and live life to the fullest.

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Gear Up and Give Back

Giving back to our community is core to our mission and principles. That’s why we donate one mask for every mask you buy. To date, GuardeX has donated over 30,000 masks to the following essential workers and organizations:

- Greene Town Montessori School
- Indiana Democratic Party
- Main Chance Homeless Shelter
- Chase Bank
- Spasso Italian Grill
- Wall and Hanover Building

These donations wouldn’t have been possible without our corporate orders, and without all of you.
We appreciate your support.


We used science— not fashion— as our starting point in developing the GuardeX face mask. Only when our team felt confident in the protective abilities of our patented mask and filter did we turn to style.

The sleek design and adjustable fit of our mask works with multiple face shapes and personal styles.

Check out the video to learn more about how the GuardeX face mask keeps you safe and comfortable.