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Collection: GuardeX Face Masks

The first FDA registered and lab tested mask in its category, with a sleek design for everyday life and surgical-grade replaceable ProteX filters with a filtration efficiency greater than 95%.

-Easy breathing with special Anti Bacterial, Anti Viral, Moisture-wicking fabric and maximum comfort with adjustable ear-loops. 

-Guardex mask is 40% lighter than all other masks on the market.

-GuardeX masks are designed to be more suitable for daily life than your standard mask in terms of both function and design.

-The GuardeX mask can be washed up to 60 times, and comes with 5 ProteX Filters. Each ProteX filter can be used for up to 10 wears

-Each GuardeX comes in a specially designed vacuum sealed pouch for ultimate protection.

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  • Anti-Viral/Anti-Bacterial Face Mask with 5 ProteX Filters
    Guardex face mask plus 5 filters — comfortable, breathable, adjustable in black — front view
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